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  1. Can You Restore Any Doll ? (Vintage Or New)

  2. What Package For Repair Do You Offer?  

  3. Why Should I Send A Photo And What Is This Special Crack Or Seam Split Technique All About?

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  5. Who Are You And Who Is Dr. Hubby?

  6. How Do I PAY IN FULL?

  7. How And Where Do I Ship My Doll To You ? (Also Shipping Policy For Sale Dolls)

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  10. Do You Offer Refunds On Your Sale And Repair Dolls?

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#1)  Can You Restore Any Doll ? (Vintage Or New)

At present we have decided after 5 years to work only on the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll.  We are Ideal Toy  Corporation 22" Saucy Walker specialists. We no longer offer PACKAGE "A".  At present we are offering only the eye repair that comes with the Preventative Platforms I invented so long ago. 

(HOWEVER... If you feel there is no need for your doll to have eye repair and once we receive her the shipper has not mistreated the box that she is in causing an eye problem...we also will be willing to take in an IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll if you do not want the eye repair under this provision... you will have to sign the release form stating that you will not hold us responsible for her eyes coming to us or in the shipping back from us whatsoever. If her eyes are rolled, sunken or crossed when she arrives, we will contact you immediately.)

If you send us an IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker doll that requires eye repair, Dr. Hubby can repair her body as well.  After you contact us at:  please let us know what else she may need and we will get back with you.

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#2)  What Packages For Repair Do You Offer?

We Now Offer 

Did you purchase an IDEAL 22" Saucy vintage doll only to find out her eyes are off set?  Please see the form Below and if you need his expertise... Dr. Hubby's body repair pricing is also listed on the form Below to be sent to us with the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll.

1) EYE REPAIR AND PREVENTATIVE EYE PLATFORMS INSTALLED And Possibly Plastic Repair and/or Walking Mechanism Repaired.

  (No longer do we make an IDEAL Saucy Walker 22"  Display Ready with doll stand and her clothing on, nor do we offer web pages of the doll's restoration)

 Send her to us with no clothing.  We are not responsible for clothing or socks and shoes.


Do You Need Us To Help Restore Your  1950's  IDEAL 22"Saucy Walker Doll?
(Click Here For Form)


(Click Here For The Form To Print Out )

This is a SAMPLE form Only

IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Doll Only

Eye Repair and our Preventative Platform Installation 

Full Payment For Eye Repair and Handling Fees ($170.00) Upfront Sent With Doll Plus This Form.

DR. HUBBY'S Plastic Repair- See Explanation And Pricing Below.

NOTE:  When Dr. Hubby Completes His work He will email an Invoice from His Paypal to you for the charges on the plastic body.  See his pricing below.

Send A Check Or Use Paypal To Begin The Repairs.

Paying Through Paypal will speed up the repair on your doll.

See Our Policy Here.

Please print out this form by clicking the link at the top and send it with your 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker Doll.
                              FOR:  IDEAL 22" SAUCY WALKER DOLL.





Please Read Carefully.

Please note:  We do not replace doll criers because it lowers the value of the IDEAL 22" SW doll.  Also:  if original eyelashes are needed, You will need to purchase another 22" IDEAL parts SW Doll to supply us with the metal eye socket globes that hold original eyelashes in good condition.

Please do not send your doll unless you have contacted us first BEFORE she is shipped to us. 

In This Column Description of Repairs Needed.  In This Column We Show The Cost Explanation
Eyes repaired and preventative eye platforms installed on a Saucy Walker 22". Preventative Platforms inside the head are a must on Saucy Walker Dolls before she is shipped back to insure his/her eyes will hold up to carrier shipping abuse if there should be any. $150.00 Plus $20 Handling Fees

To Be Paid Up Front

Below are the fees for Dr. Hubby's repair work on the 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker's body.  Please indicate which ones you would like for him to do by circling the fee amount so he will know what you would like done.  

If nothing is circled below, we will assume that you do not want her 17" Body/Face painted or repaired in any way.

Face Base Make-up Air Brush Painting in Saucy Walker Blended paint if needed. $20.00
Blushing on both facial cheeks if needed. $20.00
Blushing of the hands lightly if needed. $10.00
Blushing of the knees lightly if needed. $10.00
Replacement of teeth only if we agree and see that he/she needs them. $10.00
Head re-stung on a Saucy Walker 22" INCLUDED With Eye Repair

Arms re-strung. 

Body cracks repaired if needed. Patched with a plastic compound only to keep her body original and not painted. $35.00 each = $_______
Body seam splits repaired if needed. Patched with a plastic compound only to keep her body original and not painted. $10.00 each = $_______
Dr. Hubby's disappearing technique (see Below Photo) of cracks & seams if needed. This technique takes two full days. Painting will be required for the 17" body to keep the body's color the same. He charges $7.00 an inch. Please contact Dr. Hubby at:

He will require photos to estimate his cost. For this technique

Walking mechanism repaired to like new if no hidden damages are found. We will let you know before proceeding if we find them. (Very unlikely to have damage) $35.00
Sanding body lightly to bring out the soft look in plastic and take off age instead of painting. $65.00
Re-Forming a warped body. $50.00

If you need mending contact "Lois"    

(Or for a replica dress)

Contact Seamstress

Send your clothing to her and pay her directly.  She will send the clothing back to you instead of us.


Send a check for the Down or we can invoice you through Paypal.  Ten days wait before repairs made if check is sent to us.  

Postal Cost for shipping your doll back home is separate and we can send you an invoice through Paypal or email you.

$170 Upfront Payment Payment  to Dr.Hubby can be made when your doll is repaired. Either he will contact you or I will.

God Bless!

Sheryl E. Black


In the event I do not require Eye Repair and Sheryl's Preventative Platforms installed in my doll I release SAUCY WALKER'S CORNER, Sheryl Black, And Dr. Hubby (Caroll Black) of all responsibility of any eye damage caused by the shipping process both coming to and from them.




Printed Name Below:




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#3)  Why Should I Send A Photo And What Is The Special Crack Or Seam Split Technique All About?

We only ask this if you are able to do so.  We want to see your doll first to make sure that we will be able to restore her.  So far we have not turned away any doll and we have worked on many that were in pieces.  By the time Dr. Hubby finished with them, the doll was "Like-New" all over again.  Dr. Hubby has invented a technique to completely rid any indication on the outside of the Plastic doll that she had ever been cracked in any area of her torso or arms or legs.  We are thrilled with this technique . On Our Doll Hospital site located: you can see photos of the difference in the Before And After results. Make Sure you click on the doll photos to see their web pages.  This technique is very time consuming and requires several days to complete.  It is much more difficult to do than simply applying a plastic compound to the cracked area or glue.  We guarantee the success of this technique and if your Baby from childhood is cracked in anyway on her Plastic body the time and the cost is worth more than words can describe.

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#5) Who Are You And Who Is Dr. Hubby?

Smiles cross my face as I make an attempt to answer this particular question.  We both are Christians and love our Lord with all that we are about.  In the flesh we are decent folks who tend to be very much the perfectionists.  So much so that we may add a week to your doll's shipment back to you in the slight event that Dr. Hubby finds something he was not aware of on your doll and refuses to let her go until that problem is solved by him.  He wants you to know that he will let you know what she needs on her body and if he finds something on her he will then tell ME to talk to you about it and just about insist that you agree that he should repair whatever it is.  We answer to God alone so no fear of anything being created by us for any reason or any extra fee.  Believe me, we do fear the Lord.

Let me begin by telling you that I, Sheryl Elaine Hale Black, am a Web Designer.  I have been since 1998 and have founded a few sites such as and nd which now is and and and also I have created web sites I don't even remember for others over the years.  

I converted our "The Scripture Tree Shop" into the vintage Doll Hospital because of my mother's passing in June of 2008. I started this doll Web Site in the memory of  my Mother, Mary Nell Hale. She loved these dolls and through her I have learned that they are precious and really do have a spirit of their own.  I have also learned that the world of dolls can actually bring happiness to women and from that joy that we feel, healing is possible for our bodies.  Look at them close and see the joy they have brought to a child who imagined them to be real.  They may be old, but their spirit is still alive. My prayers go with each and every one I have restored, that they might bring joy to their new owners. It is my guess that as long as I live and while there are still dolls on this earth that need our help I shall by the grace of God be able to continue along side my husband, Caroll Don Black, lovingly known as Dr. Hubby or Cary to restore them and bring loving memories back to their owners.

Now who is this husband of mine?  Caroll Don Black, Cary and or Dr. Hubby? He is the most amazing and intelligent man I and even my own mother, who lived with us, have ever known.  Mom was quite the intellect all her life until she met her match...her son-in-law.  My heavens they would talk for hours on end.  I have had an office at home for ten years and Cary, as he was known by Mom before she passed would walk straight by me sitting at my desk, not a peep from her to me, straight to Cary to ask him or tell him the simplest thing.  I would sit there with mouth open as my eyes followed her to him here in our shop and from him and back out the shops' door. One would think her mother did not like her daughter?  Not really. she so admired her son-in-law called "Cary" that I thought mostly how blessed I am to have a man in my life so close to God and who would be the FIRST one I had ever seen her be so taken up with. I truly am grateful.

Okay, now who is he vocation wise?  He is a specialist machinist, working and wanted by many companies from coast to coast because of his expertise. We did do our share of traveling over the years.  He is also a man who worked along side the crew that created the Hubble Telescope at N.A.S.A. at the The Redstone Arsenal located in Huntsville, Alabama. This is one of their locations, they do have quite a few.  Now think on this:  He is also a man deeply in love with guns and knives?  Does this give you an idea that this man with this background could EVER want to work on dolls? HA!

When I began this business, I would spend anywhere from 12 to 14 hours every day of the week for one year UNTIL a few months ago as I was finishing the first Shirley Temple doll repair on our site's front page.  This is when I began to feel a wee but strange.  To make a long story shorter, my Doctor's frank and unyielding suggestion to me was to STOP IT!!  This man I call "My Husband" and lovingly now whom I call "Dr. Hubby" immediately came to my rescue or this business and the new lives of many dolls would be out the window.  So thank you Dr. Hubby!  God's love shines brightly through you each and every moment of our lives together. 

Although he had helped me with the Shirley Temple doll he had not fully gotten into the Saucy Walker Dolls as I was until now.  So for those of you who care to know who does what here: I am the repairing of the eyes specialist, I also salvage the wigs, I clean the faces and I re-string the whole bodies on the composition dolls. (Well I use to re-string them...Dr. Hubby just took away my re-stringing job as well...hum? That is okay..He Cannot Repair The Eyes...that is my secret for now anyway...I will jump up and down for joy if he ever sits still long enough to learn that one!!) I dress them, and make all the bows and stiffen them for display.  I order supplies and do all the web work. I also spend two hours packaging the doll for shipment, each doll.  My daughter will paint the mouths if needed but Dr. Hubby" Does the rest which is taking the heads off, sanding, fillers, cracks, seam splits, painting with the ""Air Brush" gluing, blushing, eye shadow, and  he takes the walkers apart to make sure the walking mechanism is perfect. 

We have five adult children and three granddaughters and two grandsons between us and one Black Lab and one spoiled Shih Tzu and a home that has for three years housed not only us and our business and tons of vintage dolls but my mother, a few adult kids and a grand daughter and a son.  So that is who we are all in a nutshell, a rather large one at that.  God Bless you for taking your time to read this small book.


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#6) How Do I PAY IN FULL  

IN FULL: We prefer checks or Paypal.  Either one is fine with us.  PLEASE NOTICE: If you pay with PayPal, we can start repair in a day or so from the time we receive her, depending on our work load.  If it is a check, please know that we wait up to ten days from the time we deposit it to know that it has cleared before we begin repair work and/or send the doll.


REPAIR DOLL  We prefer that you send no more than $170.00 for the full payment of the Eye Repair, Preventative Eye Platforms and our custom box and fillers and face masks handling costs. Then we will send you an email Invoice or Paypal Invoice, which ever one you prefer upon Dr. Hubby's completion of repairs if you have requested them. The shipping fee is separate and we can let you know how much the shipping cost is when we find out, then you can pay us anyway you find the easiest to do.


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#7) How and Where Do I Ship My Doll To You?

To box up a 22" Saucy Walker and protect her face and eyes you can use a  long rectangle box to lay her on her tummy with her arms outstretched to keep her face away from the bottom of the box and the fillers OR or a square box to sit her up in.  

She needs to keep her eyes open during shipment.  She also needs her face make-up protected against any fillers that you will be using.  You can tape a plastic bowl to her head (Keeping the tape off of her face at all times) and we will return it to you.  One customer cut out a piece from an egg carton for the eyes.  If she has all of her original lashes it is so important not to have anything rub against them as well.  When we send her back to you she will have one of our strong paper masks that we make and resemble a 'Deep Sea Diver".  You may laugh when you see her.

We need to beg (can you see us on our knees?) for you NOT to use the popcorn fillers as they fly all over the place and our time needs to be used to hug and kiss and pray for your Baby doll when we first see her.  giggle.  Most all the dolls we receive need that prayer pretty quickly.

We use tons of pink tissue stuffed pretty tight around the dolls and you can either use tissue, paper towels, Walmart bags if she has no vinyl face nor is not a composition which case for them, use paper or cloth or cotton. People have used newspapers and crunched up paper of any kind in the past.  We do not make judgments on your wrapping ability, we are way too busy concentrating on the doll you send.  You can also use the small bubble wrap around her but please do not roll her up like a mummy...just stuff the fillers around her.  God Bless Each and Everyone of you!!  Once we know your doll is approved to be sent we will tell you where to send her to us.

A Customers doll that came in.  Good Idea!!! A Cool Whip Container would work. 

See the nice plastic bags and no popcorn peanut fillers?


ALSO:  Shipping Policy For Dolls That Are For Sale:

Please Notice.  If a doll we have sold or repaired is sent back to us without our permission, nor were we notified before it was shipped, this can mean that the customer is responsible for all shipping cost back and/or we reserve the right to refuse the doll at the door.


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#8) My Question Is Not Listed Here.

If you find that your question has not been asked in the list, please feel free to contact us in email: or better yet, use the LIVE CHAT/LEAVE MESSAGE Photo Image at the top of the page whether I am online or not.  I will for sure get the message faster that way.


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#9) Send This Page To A Friend.

 Simply Send them this link:
Copy and Paste it into your e-mail form.
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#10)  Do You Offer Refunds 

Absolutely, (within 7 days of receiving her) however,  Only if we have grossly misrepresented the doll in the photos which you need to study very carefully including the eyes. You must contact us first before sending any sale or repair doll back to us or we will turn the doll away at the door back to you.  We try very hard to remember all we can to describe the dolls but the most important way to judge them is by all the photos we have shown on the ad page and repair page.  We have promised to make the dolls LOOK LIKE new again to the best of our ability... We do not promise her to be brand new.  

Most Saucy Walkers have warped neck plates so we use thick elastic cord tubing to hold the head on and be strong enough to pose the head.  When she was new, the head mostly only moved as she took steps. We have NOT promised to make all her working parts new again...just refurbish them with the parts we have and overcome their problems to the best of our abilities with the inventions we have created as no other Doll Hospital is known to do.  There are no "new parts" store to buy Saucy Walker parts from. Whatever way the doll appears in the photos is what you will get when purchased or get when the repair is finished. If her eyes do not move the way YOU want them to, please do not be afraid to jerk her to the left or the right to make them flirt the best that they will do after so many years. (NOTE: Since September 1, 2011 we have now created another invention to help the later Saucy Walkers eyes flirt easier and still be able to tolerate the platforms that we install preventing the eyes from sinking, crossing or rolling)  

So many of the delicate parts in an IDEAL Saucy Walkers eye mechanism is mostly rusty and some are warped.  Once again..."We do not have a parts house to order new parts."   Remember we have promised to make the dolls LOOK like new for display only, we do not make them new.  We treat the dolls while restoring them the way WE would like her to be under the circumstance of being over 50 years we do the best we can and have invented a few ways to make her mechanically better than what you may find elsewhere.  So many DO NOT flirty while simply walking them. The eye mechanism changed sometime after 1953.  The earlier eyes were better and moved freely.  They were designed to be leaned from one side to the other.  After many years because IDEAL used different mechanisms after the earlier dolls, they do act sluggish at times, especially if they have been on display for a long while either here or at your home. Before we send a doll to you we will test her first.

Added items are simply what we add to the sale as an extra, such as original clothing.  If the clothing is old, expect that the item/items will not be perfect unless we specify them being in excellent shape.  We take many photos of the dolls and we want you to know what you are gaining for your collection.  We are perfectionists that take many hours restoring each doll.  If something is wrong with her in any way that we are aware of mechanically, we always explain the problem. Example: If the 22" Saucy Walker doll does not cry and we fail to make you aware we expect that you should be aware that 90% of the Saucy Walker Dolls coming to us do NOT cry after 50 years or more and unless we tell you she has a crier that still works, we seldom mention that she does not.  We tell you if she is a good walker most of the time. If she is not a good walker (Very rare for this to happen now that Dr. Hubby is restoring their walking mechanism.) we always let you know.  We take pride in our dolls and we never have had a request for any refund because of misrepresentation and do not expect to.  We do not take responsibility of the doll being damaged in shipping in anyway. We always insure the dolls through USPS.

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#11)  What Is Your Privacy Policy?

We never disclose any information about our customers.  We use Paypal for our money   transactions and we never take credit card information.  If you chose to send a check, we will not ever give out that information. We do unto others as we would like for them to do unto us. When we record the owner of a doll in our repair service we always use their first name on the web site, never their last names.  If we request to record an email of thanks on any of our pages and get the permission to do so, we will not record email addresses unless asked to do so.  

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#12)  Our Shipping Packages

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