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Ideal 1952-1953 22" Saucy Walker Boy Doll  Special Order From Melanie 

  A Full Description Below Photos.


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This 22" Ideal Saucy Walker (1052-1953) is all done up in his replica outfit.  The clothing was duplicated by Lois ( from an original Boy outfit that we have here that is blue and yellow.  The hat she made was copied from an Ideal book and is absolutely adorable.  The boots and socks were created from a photo of our what we think to be original boots found on another boy that we have here in a red outfit. This lil boots and sock miracle miracle was duplicated by Michele at Michele is the best and excellent at duplicating shoes. They are nearly identical to the shoes on our other boy doll.  Both of our original clothed boys. one in the blue and yellow and one in the red and yellow will be listed soon. Both will have the caps to match and the boots as you see here.

What a masterpiece this doll is!!  Looks brand new.  We left his body original and his face. Dr. Hubby lightly sanded the age off of his body and blushed the hands. No  painting on his face had to be done, very original. His hair was smashed down already to look like a boy when we received him. He has the same hair pins in that they put in at the factory.  He is suppose to have the banana bangs as I have spoken with Nancy Shomo who owns the doll in the Ideal Book above.  Our darker haired boy does have the banana bangs.  Melanie's doll here has the straight cut bangs.

Who knows what IDEAL actually did 100% of the time on the boy dolls as they were only out for 1-2 years.  There is that likely chance this style of boots on our other doll that look to be original and that the boots above are copied from are what the factory used on him.  Some may have had the vinyl shoes that Ideal placed on them or maybe a Mommy placed one him instead of the boots... we just do not know.  The boots we have on our doll with the red outfit look vintage and a boy looks better in the boots than a SW girl doll's shoe.  Out original boy doll with the rolled up hair in the back and the banana bangs also had a vintage Onesie on him. So we put a replica Onsie on this doll as well.

I know Melanie will enjoy this doll because he is a rare doll to find. I will be taking photos of the boy dolls we have left grouped with the girl rare 22" girl Saucy Walker that we have which is brunette hair and blue eyes and an original dress and a replica dress and her own original doll box. I am anxious to see them side by side.

Thank you for your interest.  God Bless.